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Well, I am happy to introduce you to the Speech Recognition world :) In fact there is a lot of research in this topic, but there is not a tool that is established at all in UNIX systems. Here is a post with a extensive list of tools...even when not effective tools actually. Decent speech recognition software for Linux For comparing purposes, you can search ...


The only tool that's able to do that is probably shazam... However, you can't use it for your own recordings. You may want to take a look at accoustic fingerprinting !


GNU grep(1) can't do what you want, but you can get similar results using process substitution, if your system and shell support it: $ grep -f <(gunzip < zipped_patterns.txt.gz) zipped_data.txt.gz By using input redirection (gunzip < file.gz) within the process substitution, gunzip(1) decompresses the file in memory, without writing the ...


It is much more efficient to gunzip(1), then sort(1) the files and use comm(1) on the result.

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