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The example you gave has no common lines. I assume that your actual file does. If so, you can do this: awk 'NR==FNR{a[$1][$2]++; next} {if($1 in a){if($2 in a[$1]){print}}}' file2 file1


diff -qrN is about as fast as it gets to compare two directory trees. The -q option makes it quit early when files differ. Since you expect the files to be identical most of the time, it doesn't matter all that much: the comparison tool has to read and compare the whole files anyway. The only improvement you can make on diff is to avoid checking out from ...


Interesting problem. Using Git itself might be an easy solution. The following demonstrates the comparison between Redmine's Subversion repository https://svn.redmine.org/redmine and its GitHub mirror https://github.com/redmine/redmine for tag 3.0.3: $ git clone https://github.com/redmine/redmine $ cd redmine $ git checkout 3.0.3 $ find -mindepth 1 ...

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