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I had the same trouble, you have to do: rsync -avh --dry-run --compare-dest=/run/media/user/centos6/updates/x86_64/ /home/REPOS/6/updates/x86_64/Packages /path/to/updates Note --compare-dest is the parent of Packages and do not put "/" at the end of source folder!


Something like this: vimdiff <(find /home/masi -printf "%P %u:%g %m\n" | sort) <(find /home/masi_backup -printf "%P %u:%g %m\n" | sort) (this gives names without the leading /home/masi or /home/masi_backup, owning user and group, and permissions — the latter weren't mentioned in the question but seem useful, drop %m if you don't want them).

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