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Most likely it has to do with this commit: Open a directory with Anjuta where they changed: [File Loader] -SupportedMimeTypes=application/x-anjuta-old +SupportedMimeTypes=application/x-anjuta-old,inode/directory so when installing anjuta, update-desktop-database is run (during post-install); that updates /usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache and the ...


The fat32 filesystem has no notion of ownership or permissions. The man page for mount lists these options that help make it look closer to what Unix users expect: uid=value and gid=value Set the owner and group of all files. (Default: the uid and gid of the current process.) umask=value Set the umask (the bitmask of the permissions ...


There is a nice tool encled (available at https://github.com/amarao/sdled) to manage your enclosure led's. You should be able to use it like this (not tested, though): encled /dev/sgh fault From the README: fault - set led indicator to 'faulty'. This WILL NOT make device faulty, just set enclosure led to 'FAULTY' status.

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