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There is no problem if you use only relative symlinks within this volume. ln -s ../otherdir/otherfile link


Start by disabling automount with: gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.media-handling automount false You can re-enable it when you finish changing false to true. Option 1 - Gparted Install gparted with sudo apt-get install gparted or use Software Center. Then in gparted select the correct disk and choose "Create partition table" from the Device menu. ...


The good news is that the knoppix iso is relatively small compared to your drive size so even with the 1-2 minutes (an eternity in computer terms) only about 1% of your drive is overwritten, and most of your data is not wiped. If it were wiped, then even trying recovery would be almost impossible without huge cost. Before unmounting the HDD, the system ...

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