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Actually there is a common scenario which I did many times when you unmount file system and mount it from another OS installation. It is called "recovery". Whenever you do recovery you boot for example from OS on your CD or other computer installation and make changes on file system. You unmount it and boot from original OS and everything works correctly. ...


If the image that you are writing to the mmc is a complete partition with the file allocation table, then NO you do not need to erase or zero out the old space. The old 'random' data left is not part of a file and will be over-written as the space is used. Remember that a mmc device has a finite number of writes in its life and that number of writes is much ...


I had the same problem with an image file, i. e. without any partition table, so the problem is within the file system itself. I was able to fix it by just doing a resize2fs on the image file.

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