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As it was discussed in this question most programs don't have 'English' locale but use default ('C') locale with English messages instead. So if I want to use some languages with preferred English then I have to add 'C' locale right after the English locale in the list. In my case the 'LANGUAGES' must be: LANGUAGES=en:C:ru Which means "Use English then ...


The usual way is to create a script which calls the binary as part of the script. Then you can just set the variables in the script. In fact, it is not uncommon for executables corresponding to complex programs to be set up like that. E.g. chromium. So, if /usr/bin/thunderbird isn't already a script (check) you can create a script called /usr/bin/thunderbird ...


Under the hood, the way environment variables transit from program to program is through the execve system call, which loads a new program image from disk. (This image replaces the current program; there's another system call, fork, which duplicates the current program; functions like system combine fork, execve and a few other system calls to launch a ...


The shell builtin set shows all variables, not just those that have been exported to the environment. If you want to add a variable to the environment, simply do export variablename in your shell.


Awesome example above. I tried something much simpler (albeit a little more attractive) on FreeBSD 10.1. I needed to install top 3.8 from source. The following works fomr csh/tcsh setenv TOPCOLORS ...


gmrun inherits the $PATH variable set by the parent that spawned it. Hence, you can make it source ~/.bashrc by initiating it with: bash -ci 'gmrun' This creates an "interactive" shell; this has a few differences to a non-interactive shell, but works perfectly fine with gmrun. Simply bind the command above to your hotkey.


I can't speak for other distributions, but Ubuntu has a file, /etc/environment, that is the default search path for all users. Since my computer is only used by me, I put any directories that I want in my path there, unless it is a temporary addition that I put in a script.

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