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That would not make sense because the started service is not a child of the process which caused the start. systemctl connects to the running systemd and makes it start the processes. So even if the environment was preserved (maybe it even is...) then it would be systemd's environment that gets inherited. And that does not contain the entries you want.


It looks like a hybrid between Unix shell script and DOS batch script :) In DOS the environment variables are access by enclosing the environment variable between %. Like %PATH%, but in Linux this cannot be done. Just try $ echo %PATH% %PATH% this will not expand the environment variable. But is the script really working ?, because in the later part of ...


You most likely haven't started the cygwin/X server, or maybe not even installed it, you should do that first, so that there is an actual X Display to connect to. cygwin normally only handles commandline programs and the idle development invorment for Python is X based Alternatively you can use the Windows idle environment for development and run the ...

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