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When the Linux kernel starts, it runs the program /sbin/init. (That's after the initrd or initramfs) if any, and the location can be configured with the init parameter. The init program has a special role: it keeps running forever (there's a special rule that prevents it from being killed even with SIGKILL), it adopts orphan processes, and of course it's ...


You have a good evaluation of well-known file systems at Phoronix. Well, of course, what you should use is entirely up to you as it is hard to not give an opinionated answer. As for your fears about Samsung, F2FS is open sourced and GPLv2. Hence in any case it'll remain forkable up to a certain point; see what happens with reiser4, for instance — regardless ...


No; you can not apply mount flags to directories, only the whole filesystem, so you have to make the whole thing rw.

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