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Apt-get does not have a "safeupgrade" command. Are you thinking of "aptitude safe-upgrade"? That aside, apt-get only "knows" things because the package system maintains a database of all the changes the package subsystem programs makes. When you download source and build it yourself and then install it, that is not done using the package subsystem so none ...


M-< and M-> should jump to the very beginning and end of a buffer.


First split one of the windows in two Ctrl+X 3, then switch one of the two horizontal windows to the previous one (i.e. the other horizontal split): Ctrl+X bEnter. Finally navigate to the other split window: Ctrl+X o followed by another Ctrl+X o and close Ctrl+X 0 If you have to do this often, you might want to look at the ToggleWindowSplit package


APT doesn't know anything about your manually-installed software. If you installed Emacs under /usr/local (the default location), that installation is completely independent from the Emacs installation under /usr managed by APT. Running emacs will run /usr/local/bin/emacs (your manual installation); running /usr/bin/emacs will run the Emacs installed by APT ...


Can you run X11 in emacs? Yes, but not how you describe. If you start in text only mode sudo init 3 and then log in and start emacs, you can start x by running the startx command through emacs. M-! startx Doing so will start the X environment on a separate screen/terminal that you will have to shift to using Ctrl-Alt-# where # is the in order to see. ...

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