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You want to move through each cell. So, in normal mode, w or b command will help you to move forward or backwards through every word. To get the same facility in insert mode, you can use map. :imap <Tab> <Esc>wi Put this in command line. When you are editing, you can press tab to move to next cell. The mapping I have done will come out ...


Remove your ~/.viminfo file and start again.


If your host is Windows, you can use Samba to share files from the client with the host. However, you should not edit any configuration files using the host's tools, as they might look the same after editing, but will most likely get newlines inserted. If you have trouble editing files with vi, use something mode-less like nano or emacs for editing. On ...


Looking at Geany's wiki, it looks like you might also need to disable this option: use_gio_unsafe_file_saving This is on by the default, and is provided by the GIO library. This option attempts to deal with as many of the issues associated with the other methods as it can: It attempts to use the atomic rename saving ...

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