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Eclipse with plugins like ShellEd is really a good choice ,Geany does also work well.


Git branching and merging, and Vim with fugitive.vim works well for me both from a personal coding standpoint, as well as in my enterprise (we branch a and merge a lot).


While you ask for window management system you mention features like find/replace, file management etc. which is usually not part of Window Management, but a Desktop Environment, so you should be looking for separate tools for that. For general tools I would suggest having a look at http://suckless.org, they provide nice list of "do one thing and do it well" ...


After a lot of searching, I did this, and it works (on Ubuntu Precise, other OS versions may have different package install commands). All the nedit FontStruct errors are gone. :) xlsfonts # Will show no fonts (or the wrong ones) xset q # Shows no font paths apt-cache search xfonts # Find them sudo apt-get install xfonts-traditional # install them # Answer ...


The issue is in node-webkit https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/light-table-discussion/LTAXJKBuxbw from: https://github.com/LightTable/LightTable/issues/972 The quickest way I found to run LightTable on Debian: Copy the download link from LightTable site Paste the link in a browser (or wget) changing the version from 0.6.0 to 0.5.9 ...

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