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Instead of using sudo to grant the possibility to use unshare, you could use the setuid bit, because the unshare program is designed to work with it. It says in the man page: The unshare command drops potential privileges before executing the target program. This allows to setuid unshare. So after executing sudo chmod u+s /usr/bin/unshare, running ...


While eCryptFS is actively maintained by Canonical/Ubuntu engineers and the design is cryptographically sound, eCryptFS has never been formally evaluated for FIPS 140-2 certification or compliance, and it's unlikely that it ever will be. Full disclosure: I am one of the authors and maintainers of eCryptFS.


FIPS 140 applies to a specific product. Validating a cryptographic library does not make a product using it validated, nor does validating a product make its components validated. FIPS 140 level 1 compliance is not really a security certification, it's mostly a functional certification. To meet FIPS 140 level 1, you need (when the product is running in FIPS ...


Try commenting out following line in /etc/pam.d/sshd sessionoptional pam_keyinit.so force revoke if you comment it out, new virtual sessions should allow ecryptfs mount to work. This worked for me with screen sessions. See this post.

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