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Consider using fuse: user mode file-system. It allows ordinary users to mount file-systems. If there is a fuse file system available.


It is possible to generate an fstab entry as described here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/ECryptfs#Auto-mounting_2 Using the mount command one can get the correct mount options and add this to the fstab file /path/to/encrypted/dir /path/to/decrypted/dir ecryptfs ...


I think this signature is stored to your /root/.ecryptfs/sig-cache.txt (or ~/.ecryptfs/sig-cache.txt ) and is used to verify that the filesystem has been opened with those params before ( e.g. so that you do not put a wrong password and corrupt files etc) you might want to back up the mentioned file, although if you are sure about the password, it will be ...

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