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The problem seems to be related to pinentry and the tty. The same command works perfectly with Ubuntu. tty in a Alpine Linux container displays /0 while tty in a Ubuntu container shows /dev/console By first exporting a correct tty for gpg (export GPG_TTY=/dev/console) the command works and shows the password dialog.


Duplicity does not cache gpg pass phrases by default (you can give them as env vars though). All prompts you see are from the gpg binary run underneath. Hence, when you configure your gpg into the desired state, duplicity will use it as configured and you are set. For using gpg-agent read what the parameter --use-agent does on the manpage: http://duplicity....


I would expect you could run an incremental update without running verify first. The man page says Duplicity does not require access to archive files except when restoring from backup. but based on my testing verify (at least) counts as a kind of restoring.

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