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Using xprop -root you can get the parent window id i.e.: _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW(WINDOW): window id # 0x2e00004 If you run this xprot -root in a terminal on the screen where you want the xfreerdp session than you can start the xfreerdp with xfreerdp -X <id> from any screen you want and the window will be created on the screen with the id you selected.


One could try fiddling with negative gamma-values and brightness-values < 1 to generate a negative gamma-ramp on a specific output. xrandr --output [output] --gamma -0.5:-0.5:-0.5 --brightness 0.1 this suffices at least to me and works out of the box, but does not take into account any existing gamma-curves for an output. might be worth a shot. ...

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