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You need both EFI boot instructions in the same partition, otherwise the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing. Take a look at your boot directive: /dev/sda6 That means that every folder path you use will be in relation to that partition. /dev/sda6/EFI/Microsoft doesn't exist. Simply move/copy the Microsoft folder in /dev/sda2/EFI to ...


This Forum Post may help. I recently bought a new laptop with the new UEFI disklayout, and soon realized that the EFI boot tools that are usable in Windows7/8 are not up too par with even the Basic grub2. It's much easier to: Use your recovery media to boot into Windows. Repair your EFI partition, using a method like so. Install a Recent version of a ...


As you are going to sell it, I guess you don't need the data in here. You can then run the Windows installer from the ISO you have, delete all existing partitions and install Windows with the partitions of your choice. If you are not confortable with Windows partition manager, you could also delete everything from a live CD of Linux.


Hav u disabled secure boot from windows 8? While booting ubuntu from live usb, try doing a sudo os-prober to list installed operating systems. If it shows windows 8, you are safe, else there is problem in UEFI bios, follow http://askubuntu.com/questions/435160/cant-boot-windows-7-after-installing-ubuntu/435364#435364 Install the bootloader in /dev/sda and ...

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