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Sure—partitions are mounted wherever you specify in /etc/fstab. It appears you don't actually need a /boot partition (since your machine is booting without one); you could just leave it unused: Log out, log in as root on the console. This is so your home directory is not in use. Just to make sure nothing is using it, umount /home. If that fails, use things ...


I noticed on my system that though root is the owner of the directories in /etc/* where files that are run on startup, reboot and shutdown etc. are placed, all users have read write and execute permissions in those directories. No Linux distro would set up /etc like that. Certainly there are parts of /etc that the user must be able to read from ...


I found it easier to install Ubuntu alongside, after this grub is set up properly with all systems listed (Win, Elementary, Ubuntu) in the menu. (Then you can delete Ubuntu partitions since you no longer need it)

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