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Dot meaning "this directory" dot dot meaning prev directory. When the file or directory start with dot meaning "hide" "Hide" for ls or other commands, not for FS. So if you run ls /home/foo you don't see files or directory starting with dot. If you run "rm -r /home/foo/*" all files will be delete. Not the files or directories starting with dot. Now, in case ...


Short answer: cd .system Longer answer: You do not see the .system directory when you run ls because the dot in front makes it "hidden". To see it, run ls with the -a flag: $ ls -a /mnt/fn . .. .system You can always just do: $ cd /mnt/fn/.system


.. and then cd .system. The presence of a dot at the start of really doesn't mean much of anything except to make it "hidden" - i.e. it won't appear in a default ls listing unless you specify -a.

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