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Never ever move or delete the dot files in your home directory. This will break your environment because as stated, they hold your configuration. Some are recreated when missing and others not.


You would be going against alot of UNIX momentum and history renaming your the hidden folders in you home directory, I wouldn't do it. Not only do the existing programs expect those folders to exist but any applications you install in the future will just place more hidden folders in your home directory. I agree its annoying - I have almost 100 files and ...


Programs using dot files for configuration expect them to live directly in your home directory. Symlinks can indeed help with this. What you want to do can be achieved by moving your dot file to the required sub-directory (.dotfiles or .other in your example) and then symlinking the file you just moved into your home directory. Example (code to run from ...


You need to specify the bash shell in the shebang for this to work: #!/bin/bash When bash runs a script without a shebang or with #!/bin/sh it runs in POSIX mode which has some limitations.

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