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I was just looking for the same thing, found this question here, and also found a solution in the form of a Perl script on GitHub. script #!/opt/local/bin/perl # # Modified by @takaxp # Last Update: 2012-01-09@22:13 # 2012-01-09: support date([YYYY-MM-DD XX]) insertion # 2012-01-09: support #+BEGIN_SRC # 2011-11-16: use strict and warnings # 2011-11-16: ...


The generic exporter could be easily configured to export to dokuwiki. But I can't answer the "back" question. Very little converts to org at this point.


I don't know anything about DokuWiki, but I can give you some hints with permissions. DokuWiki is a PHP application thus running in a web server. This web server can be Apache, Lighttpd, ngingx and maybe another one. The webserver doesn't run as root. It runs either as the "nobody" user or on Debian servers for example the user is "www-data". It can also ...


I needed the same and have put together export backend, for org-mode 8.0 and above , it's not 100% ready yet but major stuff should work.

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