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There is no single repository of documentation about Linux kernel threads. Some basic documentation of the Linux kernel exists in the Documentation directory, but there is no specific part about kernel threads (some threads are mentioned in passing in the documentation of the feature they participate in). Beyond this, the (excuse for a) documentation ...


Have you tried x="kblockd" man -k "$x" locate "$x" for i in $(locate "$x") ; do dpkg -S "$i" done This will produce a list of packages related to your "object". Read man dpkg to see how to get a list of files in a package.


Get gcc-doc package In order to be able to fetch this packages with the apt-get install command we need to edit our sources.list file to include both contrib and non-free repositories. For example, here's my /etc/apt/sources.list file: deb jessie main contrib non-free deb-src jessie ...

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