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Note GNU coreutils man pages are generated from $cmd --help


You refer to the GNU tools in your example. These are available on Linux, and many other platforms, and are somewhat unusual in terms of documentation. The GNU tools, actually seem to have three levels of increasingly detailed interactive reference: --help as a common command option - a short usage summary, man - the classic man pages, a "quick ...


Commercial unices generally present usage information only in man pages. Having the command itself display usage information is not a traditional Unix feature (except for displaying the list of supported options, but without any explanation, on a usage error). POSIX and its relatives don't talk about anything like this. Having a --help option that displays ...


Here is a Bash Scripting Tutorial which is good if you are a beginner. If you are new to the Linux command line here is a Linux tutorial which is also good for the beginner.


The GNU C library has a reference manual that includes documentation for all or most of the data structures in the standard library and extensions. This has a type index. Beware there's also a "GNU C Reference Manual", but it and the "GNU C Library Reference Manual" are two different things. You can also autogenerate documention sufficient for browsing ...

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