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This question has been asked off and on since the 1990s. It's still the same answer. As Jakub Jelinek of RedHat said 10 years ago, this limit is hardwired into the BIND DNS client library that is contained within GNU libc. It's not configurable at run-time, and it's unlikely to be altered by operating system distributors as that breaks binary ...


You can't increase the number of search domains. However, you can: add entries to /etc/hosts with the IP address, full hostname, and a short alias. NOTE: that if the host's IP address changes you will have to update the /etc/hosts entry, so this a) defeats the purpose of DNS, and b) is likely to be an annoying "solution" in the medium-to-long term. if by ...


Similar topic was discussed in SU: openssh itself doesn't understand the socks_proxy environment variables. You need to use for example netcat to direct the traffic over the proxy: ssh -o ProxyCommand='nc -X 5 --proxy %h %p' user@host To forward DNS requests, it will be more complicated, because low-level functions in openssh do not ...


You can enter in the configuration of the dhcp client (dhclient.conf) : prepend domain-name-servers; this should overwrite the information passed from the server DHCP

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