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I can't answer why PBI wasn't successful, but I can answer why shared libraries are preferred in Linux. The major argument is security, that if there is a vulnerability in a commonly-used library, then only that library has to be updated, and not all of the applications that use that library (thanks to ABI compatibility). This also means that (if you stick ...


You can install the latest builds of Lubuntu 15.10 or Ubuntu MATE 15.10 on PowerPC. However, the best experience you will get with the original Mac OS X 10.5.8 (actually I am writing this on Mac OS X on my Powerbook G4).


http://coteyr.net/articles/3-Moving-to-Open-Source Fair warning it's my own site. But the core of the article (which is quite old), take it slow, make a complete list of what you use and try to migrate to it one at a time. Give your self time and expect a productivity drop. As for running specific software, you will have to do your own research. Some ...


For a beginner i would recommend using ubuntu 15, it is very similar to windows with it's interface and design, and has lots of resources available online for help. Most linux distros are anyways free, so you can try more than 1 if you wish (By using a bootable USB). You can use java,arduino software, itnues and matlab on linux, It is also possible to use ...

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