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I personally like centos but like aspman says, its like choosing a car. Answer this question, "Why do you want try Linux?". If you want to learn about Linux systems administration they try Debian distro and they try a Redhat distro. If you want to learn about shell scripting maybe you could get away with installing Cygwin on you Window system.


I personally use Linux mint, usually with the Mate desktop. Though cinnamon is just as good! A lot of people would probably suggest it as a beginners one too, as it is so user friendly and not too dissimilar to windows in how it looks and feels. But choosing Linux is like choosing a car. There's so many out there with similarities and differences, the only ...


Arch Linux can do that. You need a wired Ethernet NIC that is compatible with iPXE. Arch is well-suited for this sort of task, since it is specifically aimed at building up a system from the most minimal starting point. It's a lot more work than installing Debian from a USB key or CD, but Debian is aimed at current hardware, which means they're coming from ...

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