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There is no "distribution" per se but you can give the ambari project a try. It's an apache project that is a set of automated scripts and related plumbing to install and monitor a Hadoop installation. You even get a web based gui with it that you can use to monitor your install and restart:stop services etc. It'll even let you do a clustered install. Try ...


There is no GNO or linux distribution with hadoop. What can be done is to use a pre-configured sandboxes from cloudera and hortonworks. Second, what would be even more good if u set-up a standalone on your local. Although this is pretty tiring may be , as it might take a lot of your time. But from my experience it gives a better understanding of the ...


I'm still young to the area of network security. But a lot of it depends on what exactly you're looking to accomplish. For instance, if you just want to monitor the network traffic you could use a specialized distro for your router, such as pfSense. This has the added benefit that you don't need to install anything on the clients. However if you want to see ...


It's not miux, it's Azure Cloud Switch, which is based on Linux! http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/09/18/microsoft_has_developed_its_own_linux_repeat_microsoft_has_developed_its_own_linux/

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