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I have two eee pc 701: the original one with Xandros and the original one with Windows XP. Both of them are in perfect working order, though they suffer from the jurasic OSs that they use. Recently I started to play with Puppy Linux. I've tried Slacko, Precise and, finally, Lucid 5.2.8. All of them are started from a USB Pen Drive. All of them work without ...


As you are not looking for desktop applications but are more concerned with the administration side - I guess what you are really looking for is an easy management interface? No matter what distribution you choose, they will all use the standard tools to provide the sundry features you expect. Are you specifically looking for Linux? The OSX Server does ...


You can install Debian and, besides not enabling proprietary repositores, use vrms to verify whether you have proprietary software. Similar utilities might exist for other distros.


There is the list of GNU/Linux distributions, that are considered completely free by Free Software Foundation. Besides gNewSense, it includes BLAG, Dragora, Dynebolic, Musix, Parabola, Trisquel and Ututo XS. You mentioned, you had been missed add-apt-repository, which, afaik, is from Ubuntu, so from that list you probably would be interested in Trisquel, ...


The myskool server is the best solution i have ever encountered.. http://cyberorg.co.in/myscool/ check this out this has been impemented in India and Indonesia also


https://www.edubuntu.org/ seems to be popular amongst schools.... here is a list of where it is run: ==> https://wiki.edubuntu.org/Education/UbuntuSchools


I personally like Debian very much, but if you are happy with SuliXerver why don't you adapt it to your needs? If there are admin functions you don't have download them and use those. If it is just a permission problem, change root password with a live CD/USB and you're ready to go.


Arch Linux usually has vanilla GNOME, and 3.14 is in testing now. Since you install whatever you want in Arch, and very little is installed by default in the base, this is pretty close.


Fedora is one distro that I'm aware of that includes default versions of GNOME 3.x. Fedora 20 comes with 3.10: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Gnome3.10 And they typically roll with newer versions as they come out. Fedora 21 will likely come with 3.14. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/21/Schedule?rd=Releases/21 excerpt Links to ...

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