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Arch Linux is a rolling release distro, once you install it you don't have to 'upgrade' the entire OS. Like Chrome or Firefox your system keeps up-to-date.


Maybe openSUSE: The last Evergreen supported release is openSUSE 13.1.


There are services like rpmfind (for RPM packages), while Debian (with their policy to package anything that compiles) is it's own index. For other systems, like lesser Linux distributions or the BSDs, you'd have to look at them specifically (and packages aren't portable among them anyway). Most largeish projects will have packages, pointers to packages, or ...


First off, some of the software you list doesn't have Linux ports. Draftsight has beta binaries released for Ubuntu and Fedora. Microsoft Office isn't supported on Linux and you'd probably be looking at switching to something like Libreoffice. Tally, Google Sketchup & 3ds Max doesn't have native ports. You can probably run them with Wine but smooth ...


ArchLinux have newest kernel with grsec in their repo. More info about this package can be found on it's dedicated wiki page.

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