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Assuming there is no explicit permission set in your fstab allowing the user to mount the filesystem, check if he is member of the storage or wheel group.


You should check your swappiness value. Usually it is left at 60. It should be 10 or 15: cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness You can change it on the fly with sudo bash -c "echo -e 10 > /proc/sys/vm/swappiness" and make it stick with sudo bash -c "echo 'vm.swappiness = 15' >> /etc/sysctl.conf"


I read the rules and it does seem to indicate open ended questions like this are not encouraged. Here is a quick link to them: http://unix.stackexchange.com/help However in case it is allowed, I would suggest reading Linux CompTIA or any of the very popular certification courseware. You will need more than just the understanding of disks to become ...


The following should work. Download a FreeBSD installation disk and boot it into single user mode. When done do: gpart show ada0 which should print you text describing the disk layout. The result would look like: => 34 500118125 ada0 GPT (238G) 34 1024 1 - free - (512K) 1058 490732544 2 freebsd-ufs (234G) ...


You cannot sync(2) a device, and that does not have any sense. You are syncing a file system (not the device mounting it) with syncfs or the entire page cache with sync. The sync(2) syscall is called by the sync(1) command. (I don't know of any usual command doing a syncfs) However, you could flush the buffers for a file system by using the Linux ...


Consider using Direct I/O, this will avoid the need to sync. Some filesystems can be forced to use it via mount option (dio).


In your case and always you need to create a partition >2TB. You should use parted command. Before creating the partition command, we should set the disk label to GPT. GPT stands for GUID partition table format (GPT). Use parted’s mklabel command to set disk label to GPT as shown below. # parted /dev/sdb GNU Parted 2.1 Using /dev/sdb Welcome to GNU Parted! ...


TO ADDRESS YOUR EDIT: I didn't notice the edit to your question until just now. As written now, the question is altogether different than when I first answered it. The mirror you describe is not in the spec, actually, as it is instead a rather dangerous and ugly hack known as a hybrid-MBR partition format. This question makes a lot more sense now - it's not ...

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