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I also needed this feature and came up with the following. The function ediff-directories-recursive works like ediff-directories but recurses into sub-directories. The magic behind that is temporarily replacing the built-in directory-files by a self-made directory-files-recursive before calling ediff-directories. (eval (let ((directory-files-original ...


Try GNU diff version 3.3 or later with the --no-dereference option (and presumably the --recursive option).


After search around the web, alternative way of Lekensteyn is the better one I found. But I want use dif output as patch... and there is a problem because line number are note keeped because of "grep -v". So I purpose to improve this command line : diff -u -B <(sed 's/^[[:blank:]]*#.*$/ /' file1) <(sed 's/^[[:blank:]]*#.*$/ /' file2) It's not ...


I wrote the following simple script to automatically retrieve the original file from the right Debian package and diff the current file against it: https://gitorious.org/mybin/mybin/source/master:debdiffconf Use it as follows: debdiffconf FILE

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