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Yes. The camera light will be on while the camera is in use. In this case, Motion is taking the feed and streaming it through the Motion web server. This happens whether or not people are connected to your stream. Assuming you're only using Motion I would edit the motion.conf in order to add authentication for the stream and also enable logging (to see ...


On systems with udev (that's more or less all for several years) every recognized device has an entry in /dev. These entries can be deleted, though. But (I guess) without a device file it is not possible for a userland process to access a device. Of course, for a device file to work it just needs the correct major and minor number. It doesn't matter what ...


Not on Linux. Network communication in Linux is socket-based, having a device node would serve no purpose. Some other Unix flavours may have an entry in /dev for the interface (e.g. I know that SCO Unix did).


You do not "see" any audio in /dev/hidraw0 because that control messages are handled over a different endpoint than audio messages. Control messages need reliable transmission while audio can get lost and typically uses isochronous transfers. Your test program results in errors because it tried to write a report of length 2. Here is the decoded HID report ...

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