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For the nvidia case, it turns out that nvidia-smi -L does what I'm looking for: LIST OPTIONS: -L, --list-gpus Display a list of GPUs connected to the system. > nvidia-smi -L GPU 0: Tesla M2090 (UUID: GPU-29ca4022-cf9d-d39f-8c46-...) GPU 1: Tesla M2090 (UUID: GPU-1e282221-0aac-9a10-a46c-...) GPU 2: Tesla M2090 (UUID: ...


You can use lsof to see which processes are using a file. In your case: $ lsof /dev/dvb/adapter0 $ lsof /dev/dvb/adapter1 Each call will give you a list of the processes having requested a handler (file descriptor) to your device. If nothing is printed, you can conclude that your device is not currently in use. Here's an example with /dev/urandom, used by ...

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