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The command is: nautilus recent:/// so if you create a launcher called recent-files.desktop: #!/usr/bin/env xdg-open [Desktop Entry] Type=Application Name=Recent files Comment=Show recent files in Nautilus Exec=nautilus recent:/// Icon=file-manager Terminal=false in ~/.local/share/applications, you will be able to show recent files with just one click ...


You must have dropped the folder into some other folder while dragging it. Just check all the possible folders.Use the find command to find it. find . -name filename example: find . -name jar


If that isn't working then you can create a .desktop file for your script. It would look something like this: # $Id: vbox-starter.desktop 22 $ [Desktop Entry] Name=Custom Virtualbox Starter GenericName=VBox Comment=VBox Exec=VBoxSDL --startvm virtualmachine Terminal=true Type=Application Icon=Virtualbox Categories=GNOME;GTK;Utility; Note that since your ...


Looks like the text editor thinks that any file without an extension is a text file for it to open. Try to rename it, say myscript.sh and see if that works.

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