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If you uninstall the desktop packages and install the server packages through tasksel, you should be prepared to do a LOT of reconfiguration, as this will remove your network settings, wireless card drivers, etc. If all you need to do is get rid of the gui, follow steps 1-2 from the first answer. It's up to you whether or not to purge the GUI completely. I ...


If you really need a window manager, then try fluxbox/blackbox. They are "more full" desktop environments, but they don't consume many resources. If you want pure window manager then twm is the most lightweight. xmonad Will work great for this too.


You aren't required to run a window manager at all. I've setup several such applications that are meant to be the only application ever run and they are meant to run full screen and I've never used a window manager. I always start with a server distro so a desktop and all of it's dependencies aren't loaded automatically. Then installed X and setup custom ...


The first line needs to be [Desktop Entry], with a capital E. Otherwise the file isn't recognized as a desktop entry. Dolphin is looking for the Type= line in the [Desktop Entry] section — this could use a more explicit error message! You shouldn't put files under /usr (except under /usr/local), that's for your distribution. For your own desktop entry ...

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