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One important difference of SLED/RHEL -vs- public distros is that SLED/RHEL have paid support that is available. I find that for many companies this fact is VERY important.


What are the difference between SLED and RHEL WorkStation? As I understand it they are mostly related to configuration (e.g. SuSE has YaST, while RHEL has the system-config-*) tools. What are the advantages over community supported distros? You have a company that can provide you support (rather than needing to rely on mailing lists, forums ...


zenity is part of GNOME and the default package surely uses GTK+3. xfce4-terminal on the other hand still uses GTK+2 and what posted by @goldilocks should work (you need to quit all instances of xfce4-terminal to be sure the new RC is picked up). For changing GTK+3 themes you should edit or create $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/gtk-3.0/gtk.css (usually ...

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