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Check if user home directory is proper and have necessary permissions. I have face similar issue while adding new user in Debian.


Workspaces cover all monitors. Some window managers have very flexible notions of workspaces and let you program pretty much whatever you want (Awesome, Sawfish), but even there I think you'd have to write some code to express this in terms of workspaces. What you can do in many window managers is to make a window sticky across workspaces. This means that ...


Use either Devil's Pie or Devilspie2 to remove the window decoration. Both have been tested and will likely work for any GTK+ and Qt applications. Using Devil's Pie Use a text editor to type the following code. (if (is (application_name) "VLC media player") (undecorate)) Save as any filename with .ds file extension at $HOME/.devilspie. Run devilspie in ...

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