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i don't understand what you want to do, if you just want a "terminal emulator" then there is a terminal emulator in all linux/unix OS distributions. if you are trying to start a bash without a gui terminal then I don't think that is possible, terminal emulator are front-ends to shells like bash.


You can use the rkiosk add-on and then launch Firefox. Or if you want you can launch Firefox with the --fullscreen option and autohide. As far as an APIs you don't necessarily need them since the commands are local. You can disable the Firefox security that prevents running commands with Javascript. You could also learn/install jnode which would work better ...


You can use gonme-session-properties. Just execute it from your shell prompt (gnome-terminal): $ gnome-session-properties This will open a GUI where you can configure (i.e., add, edit, remove, enable and disable) startup programs. Nice and easy. Enjoy. Update: As noted by don_crissti (thanks) in the comments below, the gnome-session-properties startup ...

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