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As caribou is in the repositories, you can just run sudo apt-get build-dep caribou to install all dependencies.


The dependencies are expressed not as package names, but as pkg-config dependencies. I think that on RPM-based systems you can search for these directly, but on Debian-based systems you need to search for the corresponding files. To do that, the easiest approach is to install apt-file, update its indices with sudo apt-file update then you can use ...


I had exactly the same problem after upgrading a server from 14.10 to 15.04 yesterday. I solved it with these commands: sudo apt-get remove keyboard-configuration sudo apt-get install keyboard-configuration sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade Hope that helps :)


There's no general answer. Sometimes you can find more information on a dependency in a package's description; this is more often true for "Recommends:" or "Suggests:" rather than full-blown "Depends:", to help users decide whether or not to install the weak dependency. Another source of information can be a package's changelog; that will sometimes indicate ...


The package maintainer lists the dependencies for a package when they create the specifications file. Looking at the list of what debianutils is it seems they use it to aid in the installation of the package, but yes, you would need to dig deep to find why it is a dependency. I'll bet you could find the usage of these tools in the ./configure script of the ...


Here it is! I had a lot of sources, but after adding the following ones, the problem disappeared: deb http://ftp.ua.debian.org/debian jessie main # contrib non-free # #deb-src http://ftp.ua.debian.org/debian jessie main # contrib non-free # deb http://ftp.ua.debian.org/debian jessie-updates main # contrib non-free # #deb-src ...

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