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You don't need a VLAN package on Debian unless you are configuring the Debian box as a VLAN switch. As long as the Debian machine has a NIC in that VLAN that is routed to the Internet. If machines are connected and during installation you configure the IP address and DNS server, are you able to scan the mirror during installation?


In Debian and derivatives there are six types of dependencies: pre-depends depends recommends suggests build-depends build-depends-indep Each of these give corresponding reverse dependencies. To list them you can use grep-dctrl: grep-dctrl -FBuild-Depends mypackage -sPackage /var/lib/apt/lists/*Sources will list all the packages which build-depend on ...


APT doesn't know anything about software that was installed manually. It doesn't know what libraries that software needs or anything. When APT installs a package only to fulfill the dependencies of another package, this package is marked as automatically installed. If you remove all the packages that depend on an automatically-installed package, that ...

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