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PCRE devel package is not installed on your system. First install pcre-devel sudo yum install pcre-devel -y and then run sudo ./configure --with-included-apr it will automatically take pcre by default.


When trying to solve problems like this, the Cygwin Package Search is your friend. In this specific case, it tells you that you want to install libopenssl100. The Cygwin setup.exe built-in search didn't find this because it only searches package file names and the description text. It does not search through the names of files included in the packages as ...


Your issue was that the hooks are executed in the order they are listed in the HOOKS line (which is just an array) in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf. Essentially, you were trying to run the encrypt script before the base hook, which provides the runtime necessities for booting1. You can read about each of the hooks by issuing mkinitcpio -H $hook. The Arch Wiki ...


Your hooks are all here: % ls /usr/lib/initcpio/{hooks,install} /usr/lib/initcpio/hooks: btrfs dmraid keymap mdadm mhwd-fb miso_loop_mnt net shutdown udev v86d consolefont encrypt lvm2 memdisk miso miso_pxe_nbd resume sleep usr /usr/lib/initcpio/install: autodetect consolefont fw mdadm_udev miso_loop_mnt ...


It depends. If you are building for a specific distribution, depending on other rpms is ok. If building for different distributions, rather use library/file names, as the rpm-names where that lib is contained might differ.

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