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I deleted every directed labeled python Don't do this. Never modify, move or delete a file that was installed by the package manager: your modifications are likely to break removal, upgrades, installations of other packages, or to be overridden on an upgrade. The directories /bin, /lib, /sbin, /usr (except for /usr/local) and most of /var belong to the ...


Several of your Linux distributions utilities rely on python to do various tasks. By removing the executables you have broken it in a way that it will not be be able to repair itself with commands like apt-get install -f. More modern versions of distros are in the process of moving from Python2 to Python3 and require both to be installed. You should restore ...


awk equivalent for your perl one-liner: apt-rdepends -dr systemd | awk -F\" '/->/{print $2,c[$2]=$4" "c[$4]}' | grep '^monodevelop'


Developed a oneliner for this: $ apt-rdepends --dot -r systemd | perl -ne 'our %chains; if(m!"([^"]+)" -> "([^"]+)"[^"]*;!) { my $c="$2 $chains{$2}"; $chains{$1}=$c; print "$1 $c\n" }' | grep '^monodevelop ' Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done monodevelop libgnome2.24-cil libgnomeui-0 ...

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