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It appears to me your dependencies are not up to date. Run an sudo yum update and after that your yum install should run without any problems.


There are actually 3 good reasons why the PBI file format was discontinued on PC-BSD: The PBI format was created to provide a packaging format for FreeBSD (no "real" package system existed before pkg - only the ports collection). Once pkg was finally developed/implemented within FreeBSD itself (9.2/10.0?), there was almost no reason to maintain a ...


Many packages contain special configure script that intent is to check whatever dependencies are installed on host machine. Others go through other mechanisms, which usually mentioned in README or INSTALL files inside a source package. Few can go and be compiled as standalone programs and they do not try to detect dependencies or they have no any. If you ...


I guess the short answer is that Linux/FreeBSD are first of all server OS, where self-contained libraries and GUI installers are not desirable features. Teams working on desktop-oriented distributions have limited resources which are better spent on improving GUI usability and hardware support than writing a package manager alternative. PBI may be good for ...


Generally agreeing with @msuchy that the relevant feature is the combination of package name and architecture, it helps to give some overview. The place to look for information is not "upgrade", but installing multiple versions of a package: Multiple Installed Versions (on rpm.org) gives a good overview: All of the package management tools operate ...


It is the %{name}.%{arch} combination. If this is the same then it is upgrade. If it differs then it is another installation. I.e. you can have cAPI-3.1.6-x86_64 and cAPI-3.1.6-i386 installed concurently. But you can not have cAPI-3.1.6-x86_64 and cAPI-2.1.7-x86_64 on one system (unless you do really dirty tricks).


I figured it out myself, I had dev-qt/qtwayland installed, but I needed the wayland-compositor USE flag enabled in order to get this library. Once I did that I managed to finish compiling Green Island.

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