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None of the previous answers worked in my case but launching the application through dbus-launch did the job: ssh myhost "dbus-launch gnome-terminal --display localhost:10.0 &"


What I know from my experience to get the object paths of a bus name (service) it is possible to introspect with object path '/' i.e. (using the above example) introspectfunc('org.freedesktop.UPower', '/') this should return: <node name="/"> <node name="org"/> <node name="org"/> <node name="org"/> <node name="org"/> ...


Sadly, the lack of answers may mean that there isn't one. Happy to be wrong, though! For those who may be researching the same thing, I finally caved in and am using a session manager. Specifically, sddm. Everything seems to be working fine, now, and the session manager really isn't too bloated and pretty much stays out of the way.

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