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Unfortunately, this isn't a solution, but this information might be of help to you. I think, your problem is that gnome-terminal and eog are attempting to connect to an at-spi D-bus instance socket, which is mis-configured. How D-bus works in general: Start-up There are 2 instances of casual D-bus, running on your machine, per-system and per-user, and a ...


foud it at here we need to actually use gdbus: gdbus call -e -d org.bansheeproject.Banshee \ -o /org/bansheeproject/Banshee/PlayerEngine \ -m org.bansheeproject.Banshee.PlayerEngine.GetCurrentTrack


The problem is that the particular NetworkManager dbus methods used by Rygel require at_console authorization. This, apparently outdated, attribute predates polkit and is set via several pam modules during login and inherited by all child processes. Since systemd is unable to set this attribute and Rygel is started as a system (non-console) user, it is ...


Run this in a terminal: killall -HUP polkitd

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