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dbus-send needs some evironment variables to connect to the dbus-session. First you need to estimate them. First ssh to your machine. The $DISPLAY variable: DISPLAY=$(strings /proc/$(pgrep -n Xorg)/environ | awk -F== '$1 ~ "DISPLAY"{print $2}') The dbus session variables: source ~/.dbus/session-bus/$(cat /var/lib/dbus/machine-id)-0 Now you can place ...


Why are tou using a semicolon ? this make a new command on local host. try using ssh remote@xx.xx.xx.xxx "dbus-send --print-reply --dest=service.name /object/path object.path.Service.method string:XYZ" Also note, that /object/path is on remote host. next try: try addind /usr/bin (if fact, on remote host, isseu which dbus-send to know exact path). ssh ...

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