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Looks like VG metadata corrupted. Read carefully and follow the steps, If you are lucky you'll recover and only run on non-functional VG. Don't do this on a properly working lvm. You need to specify the correct physical volume to pvcreate or you may lose your data. Extract the exact uuid for the PV that was overwritten from the file ...


The horror stories are from people running mdadm --create because they want to “create” a new array using existing array components. What --create does is to create a new, empty array, using existing disks or partitions (and overwriting what they used to contain). Each volume in an array contains a header which includes UUID of the array as well as ...


First: run dmsetup table --showkeys. Save the output of that somewhere safe—that big long hex string it shows is the actual encryption key (master key) used to secure your data. LUKS works by (simplification here) encrypting that key with your passphrase(s), so keep in mind that compromise of that key means game over—a passphrase change won't help. You have ...


You can recreate the device with mknod: sudo mknod -m 660 /dev/loop b 7 0 assuming that you don't have /dev/loop0 that already has taken that minor number (0)


Not enough information. You say "the partition was ... changed to NTFS" but you don't say how. If all that changed was the partition type flag in the partition table (whether DOS or GPT), then that flag can be changed back and all will be fine. You can use gparted, parted, or even fdisk to make that kind of change. If the partition type changed in some ...


I would suggest using a program like R-Studio to first make an image of your memory stick. You can then run a detailed scan on the image file. Also go through the extra files found when done.

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