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The difference could be in the /etc/sudoers file. Maybe your user is allowed to run kill with nopasswd on one machine, but not on the other.


zsh, pdksh (though not recent versions of mksh derived from that), yash, the Bourne shell behave like dash. Only bash, ksh88, ksh93 and mksh behave otherwise. The POSIX spec is not clear on what should be the correct behaviour, but there's nothing in there that says that the shell is allowed to override the default handler for the SIGINT (or other) signal. ...


Warning: exit is not granted to work, you should rather use EXIT . Given that the POSIX standard does not define whether the EXIT trap should also be executed in case of a signal and given the fact that the Bourne Shell does not call the EXIT trap in the case you mention, it is obvious that you are entering unspecified behavior.

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