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Try this to make your current machine ID permanent: # mount --bind / /mnt # cp /etc/machine-id /mnt/etc/machine-id # reboot This should get rid of the tmpfs mount over /etc/machine-id.


@zuazo's answer is very informative for pulseaudio specifically. For completeness, I'll note that in the general case, there are four circumstances that can cause a process not owned by root to have a high priority: The program being run is setuid-root, and gave itself the high priority and then changed its uid. The process has the SELinux capability ...


PulseAudio requires higher priority than other desktop programs mainly to avoid latency problems and get a skip-free audio playback. But the process that allows PulseAudio to have a higher priority is rather complex. To get this special priority, it uses the RealtimeKit (rtkit-daemon) process. This D-Bus service allows some user programs to use real-time ...


Instead of using gvfs-mount, which is really intended for working within a graphical login, I've successfully done this using autofs. I just have an autofs config file in /etc/auto.master.d/ called winhome.autofs (it has to end with .autofs), and it looks something like this: /winhome -fstype=cifs,sec=krb5,uid=&,user=&,cruid=& ...

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