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If you just want to check to see if the script is currently running, and if not, run it every hour, you could just do something like: pgrep -x || But you wouldn't want to do this unless you used a unique name for your script--don't use it with "echo" as your example above.


I haven't used AdaBrowse, but sed '/-- Description:/,/-- Inputs:/!d;/-- Inputs:/d' works with your example, so you could give it a try.


OK, after a lot of fiddling and hair pulling, I've managed to restore Cygwin to working order. This is what I did: Removed Rtools Cleared and Windows %PATH% of anything Cygwin/Rtools related entry; Reinstalled all Cygwin packages (from cache); Rebased Cygwin; And restarted the computer more often than needed. Back to work... PS. Despite Cygwin being ...

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