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incron relies on inotify, which isn't emulated by Cygwin. To run on Windows it would have to be re-written using equivalent Windows functionality; see https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3517460/is-there-anything-like-inotify-on-windows for details. The answers to that question give links to various Windows tools which may provide the functionality you're ...


As per this thread "Re: Cannot change permission of /var/empty" @ https://www.cygwin.com/ml/cygwin/2015-02/msg00784.html you should use 'setfacl -b /var' to strip the ACL on the directory and then perform the above commands as per Miline's answer. It just worked for me on Windows (8.1). If I had 50 reputation points I would of just posted as a comment.


Assuming you believe the host really did change its host key you can delete the old entry. Since this one tells you the old entry is on line 2 you can do sed -i -e '2d' ~/.ssh/known_hosts to remove the old entry from you known hosts file


I added C:\cygwin\bin i.e. cygwin installation path to System variable "Path". It solves two problems 1) You need not to do cd to particular folder (go to particular folder and press alt+d, type cmd) 2) Use cygwin terminal as default cmd in windows.

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