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Looks like the path that zip is matching against includes the root path element you give it, unless the root is . In my case, if I wanted to exclude anything under LocalLow, I needed: $ zip home.zip -y -r HOME -x 'HOME/AppData/LocalLow/*' Yielding: adding: HOME/ (stored 0%) adding: HOME/AppData/ (stored 0%) adding: HOME/AppData/a (deflated 39%) ...


Try putting it as -x '*AppData/*'


Poking around with various inputs, I felt grep did its own magic for line-endings: $ printf "foo\rbar\n" | grep -oz $'\r' | od -c 0000000 \r \n 0000002 $ printf "foo\rbar\r\n" | grep -oz $'\r' | od -c 0000000 $ printf "foo\rbar\r" | grep -oz $'\r' | od -c 0000000 \r \n \r \n 0000004 (The -z was my lame attempt to make grep match everything.) And so ...


In cygwin you access drive letters by going through /cygdrive eg: sh /cygdrive/d/dev/Main/Env/tpsScripts/devenv.sh

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