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By default, the 'top' command will display Cygwin processes by CPU usage. If you'd like to view only Windows processes, you can use the 'ps' command, and then sort your results by CPU usage: ps -W | sort -nk 3 where: -W refers to Windows processes, -n refers to a numerical sort, and -k refers to a key, in this case the 3rd column ...


I've figured it out. I'm supposed to run export DISPLAY=:0 before running urxvt, which I wasn't able to do since I made my Cygwin.bat file run urxvt directly. That explains why the extensions "weren't working".


The answer from Gilles is correct in that the Windows version of the find command comes before the cygwin version, and so that is being called. Putting Cygwin ahead however will mean that any batch files that use the windows find command will now actually call the cygwin find command, which may not be what you want. The most symbiotic way for both to work, ...


Consider this more of an expansion/enhancement to @Slyx's answer. Cygwin has a useful utility cygpath to convert Windows path to *nix-style understood within Cygwin's bash shell: $ cygpath "D:\Path\To\Images" /cygdrive/d/Path/To/Images Instead of the explicit for-loop suggested, you can also consider using find that has better support for filtering ...


You installed cygwin, so you can just use its shell for maximum command support : "C:\Program Files\Cygwin\cygwin.bat this will give you a bash shell Then you can change directoty to go to the images location. Suppose your image location is "D:\Your Name\Images", to go there type cd "/cygdrive/d/Your Name/Images" and then call your command using the bash ...


(please stop editing my message to remove my "thank you" part) Thanks for this. The "from" option was my issue. This is my windows .bat file content (could help someone): @echo on C: chdir C:\cygwin\bin bash --login -i -c '/bin/XWin -query server_ip -from client_ip' pause

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