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According to the POSIX standard, environment variables are just plain strings with no associated data types. However, as an extension, some shells like bash, ksh, ksh93, zsh and others allow their variables be typed, like being numeric, an array. Read-only variables or pre-formatted ones might also be supported. They are commonly typed with either the ...


Make sure that you are picking the correct netstat for your platform. which netstat will give you path where it is executing it from.


In shell scripting, there is only one data type. Everything is text. Different commands may variously interpret the text to suit their needs: $ [ "1" -eq "01" ] && echo yes || echo no yes $ [ "1" = "01" ] && echo yes || echo no no The first test interprets 1 and 01 as numbers (the second probably as an octal number). The second test treats ...

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