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I have another perhaps simpler approach to cleaning up old print jobs. Instead of finding a way to convert the abbreviated time stamps on the print jobs, it's easier to use the find command to accomplish the task of deleting old print jobs fitting a certain criteria. For example, if you want to find print jobs older than 4 days: find /var/spool/cups -name ...


So cups apparently disables the ability to core dump after looking at the source code. To properly generate a core dump one must use the Automatic Bug Reporting Tool (ABRT). Once setup it will generate the required core dump your looking for.


See Brainydeal Receipt Printer (alternatively Brainydeal Receipt Printer) which is useful and probably relevant. In particular, you are using a socket connection. As that thread observes, this is almost certainly wrong. A socket connection is for a printer which is accessed over the network. Your printer is not networked; it has a direct USB ...


Solution found Instead of Listen localhost must be Listen https://localhost:631 Done!


It isn't done in the driversettings, but the program you print in. I've had good experience with evince and chrome

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