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After some researches and tries... These "network printers devices", could implement some protocols, being one of them the one called "HP JetDirect", also known as "Raw", "JetDirect", either just "9100". It seems to be the most common protocol supported by network printers. A network printer configuration sample: The JetDirect protocol is just an ...


I understand that network printers use a protocol called RAW (or Jetdirect), is that correct? Yes. There are two network protocols for print jobs that are still relevant today: LPD, running on TCP port 515, and JetDirect, running on TCP port 9100. LPD was designed by Berkeley for BSD UNIX in the old days. It's pretty much obsolete now, but it's still ...


CUPS allows you to share printer with (at least) IPP, LPD and samba protocols out of the box. IPP is supported by most operation systems and IBM was part of the Printing Working Group which came up with IPP so it's likely supported in AIX as well. Also, samba has AIX protocol so one or the other should work. search for AIX But none of the documents I came ...


You'll probably want to install CUPS; according to this page it's definitely available for AIX as well. Once you've configured it to recognize and use your printer, you probably want to check here for instructions on how to share it across the network. Alternately, you can use samba to share the printer; nowadays most OSes speak the protocol.


You could write your own backend that runs the preprocessing and then hands it off to whatever actual backend you're normally using. When you set up the printer, you'd using your custom backend in the URI. I actually have done something similar to allow CUPS to print to a locally-patched LPRng server.


You should be able to use the CUPS options waitjob and waitprinter, as I described in an answer to a similar question on Stackoverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/27156489/cups-send-multiple-jobs-to-ipp-printer


Got the printer working again: # cupsenable hplj1320n Changing ErrorPolicy from the default stop-printer to retry-current-job prevents CUPS from deactivating the printer on error. This can be done via the web interface:

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