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You are missing FilterOptions. I think the correct command is: unoconv -i FilterOptions=09,,system,1 -f xls original.csv


You don't indicate precisely what your data is, so I'll offer a suggestion that may not be entirely suitable for your need. I really like RRDTool, which is utility build around monitoring system metrics and graphing them. Your data looks like it's timestamp series, which might mean RRDtool is appropriate. One of the major things RRDtool does is applying ...


There are a number of command-driven plot tools that you could use for such a task - see for example the answers to this recent very similar question How can I make a graphical plot of a sequence of numbers from the standard input? For example, using gnuplot gnuplot -p -e 'set datafile separator ","; plot for [col=2:5] "file.csv" using 1:col with lines'


You can use sed to process tbd.txt and create a sed script from it which would delete the lines. Something like sed 's=^=/=;s=$=/d=' tbd.txt | sed - file.csv


Since the awk body is in single quotes, awk does not see the shell variable. awk thinks you mean an awk variable i. That variable is undefined, so in a numeric context it has the value zero. Thus $i is interpreted by awk as $0, or the whole line. You need to pass the shell variable into awk. for ((i=1; i<=$count; i++)) do abc=$(awk -F "," -v col=$i ...


You are using abc=$(awk -F "," '(NR==1){print $($i)}' $file). Here you use single quotes around your awk skript. Therefore variables like $i are not replaced by their value. If i=1, awk will therefore literally see $($i) instead of $1 as given in the second example. You can give variables to awk using the -v option. Maybe awk is not the perfect tool for ...


Non-sed solution using q: $ q -d, -H -O 'select [student-id],first,last,hwk1,hwk2,hwk3,exam1,hwk4,hwk5,exam2 from sample.csv' student-id,first,last,hwk1,hwk2,hwk3,exam1,hwk4,hwk5,exam2 pts-avail,,,100,150,100,200,150,100,300 991-78-7872,Ken,Thompson,95,143,79,185,135,95,259

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