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Also known as a concordance. And they are still relevant and quite useful. A good example is quickly identifying bible verses when you only know a few words. Another example would be indexing all of Shakespeare's sonnets to enable similar quick lookup by keyword.


Yes, the difference is in the order of processing .. and symbolic links. Here's an example of how this can make a difference. I have an external disk mounted at /root/Archives, and a symbolic link pointing to it from my home: $ pwd /home/katsura $ ls -ld Archives lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 14 Oct 23 2013 Archives -> /root/Archives realpath resolves the ...


The -h flag (aka --no-dereference) is a good flag to use. Let's say we have this setup: $ ln -s /etc/passwd /tmp/foobar $ sudo chown fred /tmp/foobar Because --dereference is the default, this will actually change /etc/passwd... which is probably not what you want :-) The -h flag would make it change the symlink ownership instead. So you should get ...

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