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You can see an (old) example of an online permuted index here (Click on the Permuted index link in the top-left frame). As someone else has mentioned, this is not common anymore because of the capabilities of search engines and custom search apps.


You are having this problem because ls is colorizing its output, and directories are probably being displayed with the bold attribute on. However it seems that your chosen font doesn't have a bold variant, and another font is substituted in an attempt to simulate the bold effect. This what you are seeing. You can modify the LS_COLORS environment variable ...


I'll answer the question in your text: you can find the source for dd in GNU Coreutils at https://www.gnu.org/software/coreutils/. If you need help cross-compiling, please add what device you're targetting, and what distribution you're using to cross-compile...


Unfortunately, ls doesn't support this. You'd have to do something like ls -1 | xargs -n 2 (or just ls | xargs -n 2 should also work).


Just override the width parameter with 1: ls -w 1 Works great for me!

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