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On Debian and Debian-derived platforms such as Ubuntu: sudo apt-get changelog coreutils > changelog.txt provides a changelog all the way back to version 4.5.1-1. Not sure if there are similarly convenient solutions on other platforms.


You may want to check this: ls -l --time=atime atime — updated when file is read mtime — updated when the file changes. ctime — updated when the file or owner or permissions changes. Have fun! :)


You need to use GNU stat command. Example: stat my_file.txt will give you what you are looking for.


Try: ls -lu If you want sorted result by access time: ls -ltu From man ls: -u with -lt: sort by, and show, access time with -l: show access time and sort by name otherwise: sort by access time If you want to get full date time, use --full-time: $ ls -ltu --full-time Or use GNU stat: $ stat -c "%x" -- test.txt 2014-06-30 ...

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