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You may refer to this step by step guide on how to batch convert FLAC to M4A, it also applies to convert FLAC to AAC, WMA, AC3, MP3, WAV, AIFF, DTS, OGG and etc. To set 320 Kbps, you need click the Setting button on the main window of iDealshare VideoGo to open the Advanced Settings windows, and then switch to Advanced window, finally click the Bitrate drop ...


From Pier's link, specifically: ffmpeg -i video.avi -vf subtitles=subtitle.srt out.avi I've used this successfully with the current static git ffmpeg release.


Assuming there are only images in that folder, you can ls | grep -v jpg$ to get all filenames that do not end with jpg, which I assume are all the images you want to convert. Then you can use the tool convert from ImageMagick like this ls | grep -v jpg$ | while IFS= read -r FILENAME do convert "${FILENAME}" "${FILENAME%.*}.jpg" done The convert ...


From the error message it looks like you don't have Monkey's Audio Codec installed. It is not mentioned as a dependency in the HOWTO you refer to but for decoding .ape that is necessary. You can download the source from the link at the bottom of the Developers TAB


xml-cut from xml-coreutils may accomplish your needs


I think the follow should help. This is usual task which should to do between two limits. unset f t while read l do t=${t:+$t\\n}$l l=${l//[<>]/} : ${f:="$l"} if [ "$l" = "/$f" ] then echo -e "$t" > "$f".xml unset f t fi done < <(cat your_xml_file)


With xmllint using libxml version 20708: Name of root node "something": xmllint --xpath "name()" file.xml Text "lol": xmllint --xpath "//*/*/text()" file.xml Script sql.sh: #!/bin/bash file="$1" table=$(xmllint --xpath "name()" "$file") value=$(xmllint --xpath "//*/*/text()" "$file") cat << EOF INSERT INTO \`${table}\` VALUES (${value}) EOF ...

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