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You should be able to use libreoffice in batch mode from the command line e.g. libreoffice --headless --convert-to doc *.odt or libreoffice --headless --convert-to docx *.odt


For a few 11x17 to 8.5x11 pages it is simple using the Adobe Acrobat Pro tools. Open original file, Set to landscape view. Save file with another name (say something like "Original v2p1.pdf) Select "Advanced" tab Select "Print Production" Select "Crop Pages" Crop half the page from the right or left side. Save file ("Original v2p1.pdf). You now have page ...


The ffmpeg error you're getting makes me think you might just have a corrupted file. You could try sox audiofile.wv audiofile.flac. Alternatively, you could use the wavpack tools: wvunpack audiofile.wv -o - | flac - -o audiofile.flac Note that wiill not copy over any metadata; you'll need to do that separately. If even the wavpack tools can't ...


if you don't mind using command lines, you could use ffmpeg. If you simply run ffmpeg -i file.wv -acodec flac file.flac (assuming of course the file you want to convert is called "file.wv"), will produce a file called file.flac. Of course, if you want to, you can change that last bit of the command so that ffmpeg outputs a different filename. Or, if you at ...

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