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NAME chvt - change foreground virtual terminal SYNOPSIS chvt N DESCRIPTION The command chvt N makes /dev/ttyN the foreground terminal. (The corresponding screen is created if it did not exist yet. To get rid of unused VTs, use deallocvt(1).) The key combination (Ctrl-)LeftAlt-FN (with N in the range 1-12) usually has a similar effect.


In an xterm you can get the current color RGB color codes reported by altering a color change escape to a query. Use the ESC ] Ps m - but add a ? question mark. From the docs: If a "?" is given rather than a name or RGB specification, xterm replies with a control sequence of the same form which can be used to set the corresponding dynamic color. Because ...


A Linux machine (running with SystemV) defines a special file, /etc/inittab that declares (but not only) how many *getty processes will run and their corresponding terminals. E.g. this is an excerpt of inittab on my Gentoo Linux machine: # TERMINALS c1:12345:respawn:/sbin/agetty --noclear 38400 tty1 linux c2:2345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty2 linux ...


The command you're looking for is called ldapsearch. It's a bit of a pain to use, though. Here are some usage examples: To get a full listing of all entries in the directory (depending on whether your server and/or network can handle this query): ldapsearch -h ldapserver.example.cm -b "dc=example,dc=com" -s sub "objectclass=*" To search for a ...

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