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You can use the loadkeys command to remap keys on the Linux console. The following lines define the key bindings to switch consoles (on a PC keyboard): alt keycode 105 = Decr_Console alt keycode 106 = Incr_Console Load your own keymap file that overrides these bindings with an escape sequence that fish recognizes. To make a key send an escape sequence, ...


console is specified twice in that cmdline: console=ttyAMA0,115200 console=tty1 Perhaps the second one has overridden the first (it can't be both at the same time). If ttyAMA0 is what you want to use, remove console=tty1.


The terminal emulation is baked pretty deep into the design of mosh, so, no. Mosh works by having both client and server each maintain its local idea of what the screen currently "looks like", and that requires that the server does terminal emulation. This is how the client is able to refresh the contents of the screen after it has been away for a while and ...


I was using Centos 7. On the install, I hit tab to bring up the install options, and appended "text" on them.

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