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Well, running program or function in bash on F12 key press in easy: ~/.bash_profile: sendsig(){ kill -KILL <somepid> } bind -x '"\e[24~":sendsig' But sending it to proper process is up to you… HTH, Cheers


This normally happens when the light is "on" on the first keyboard while plugging in the seconds. So make sure the light is of on the first keyboard (which has the right status), unplug the second keyboard and plug it back in.


I managed to pull it off. First off, this answer pointed me towards using /dev/kmsg as root to log to the kernel log. This works fine, echo test > /dev/kmsg showed up in my external logs perfectly. However, cat my.key > /dev/kmsg gave an error, noting invalid data on the input end. I suspected this was due to the inherent newlines in this kind of ...


Since this is the way to enable a function that acts on pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del, it is also the, probably official, point to switch if off. You should just comment out ('#' in front of the line) the exec shutdown... and there is no need to insert exec /bin/true. No need to keep a copy of the file if you just comment things out. I would reboot the system ...


This is what I did. (add nomodeset) label CentOS 7 x86_64 KERNEL linux/centos/7/x86_64/vmlinuz initrd linux/centos/7/x86_64/initrd.img APPEND nomodeset lang=us keymap=us noipv6 ip=dhcp ks=http://pxe.example.com/pxe/linux/centos/ks7.cfg

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