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To answer my own question, there are no visible rPath clone out there. If you are using rPath for package management and using Red Hat in your environment and would like to transition away, the logical tool for the task is Red Hat Satellite. If you are adventurous, you can try Spacewalk, which is the Open Source upstream version of Red Hat Satellite.


bind9 uses the time-to-live (TTL) values specified as part of each DNS record to determine how long to cache it. That's what's required by the DNS standards. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to override that in bind, and upstream isn't likely to change that because it's generally a bad idea. One option is to run Debian's version of bind9; they have ...


BindAddress is not the option you're after. From man ssh_config: BindAddress Use the specified address on the local machine as the source address of the connection. Only useful on systems with more than one address. The configuration file equivalent of -R is RemoteForward: RemoteForward Specifies that a TCP port on ...


AFAIK there is no configuration file for cryptsetup. You can of course define an alias and put that somewhere where it gets read in at login: alias cryptsetup='cryptsetup --readonly'


You can easily find the location of such configuration info by making a small change to one of the application settings (make sure you can undo it if necessary) and then do: find ~ -type f -mmin -1 Which find all files under your home directory that changed in the last minute. You will find that the files are under ~/.config/autostart/ (for each user)

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