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Sure, of course, since you can develop portable software that runs on both MacOS and Linux. Be sure to test it on Linux at regular intervals to make sure you haven't unintentionally added something unportable. If you want to use Linux-specific features then you will have more of a hard time. Depending on what it is you do, the program may compile on MacOS ...


It sounds like you can do a bootstrap compile of gcc. From GCC Wiki – Build: For a native build, the default configuration is to perform a 3-stage bootstrap of the compiler when ‘make’ is invoked From GCC Wiki – Top-Level Bootstrap: Q1) How to bootstrap the compiler, including all libraries? A1) make from the top directory So just grab the ...


Is that a Medion router or NAS? I think your best choice (if nobody has already packaged a C/C++ compiler for direct unpack + use) is to crosscompile your program in a full Linux box and then copy the resulting binaries to your system. Maybe you could use crossgc and crosstool-ng to compile your program.

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