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AFAIK the only way to be completely sure of security would be to write a compiler in assembly language (or modifying the disk directly yourself). Only then can you ensure that your compiler isn't inserting a backdoor - this works because you're actually eliminating the compiler completely. From there, you may use your from-scratch compiler to bootstrap e.g. ...


One possible way, although it would take an exceedingly long time in practice, would be to go back to the roots. Development of GNU began in 1984, and the original version of Minix (which was used during early Linux development for bootstrapping purposes) was released in 1987. This entire answer is based on your premise that "[you] or others have the ...


If you need a trusted compiler, you could get a look at academic work, like the compcert project. It's a compiler built by the INRIA (a French IT public laboratory) designed to be ''certified'', i.e. to produce an executable semantically perfectly equivalent to the code (and of course, it has been mathematically proven).


You can assume I or others have the ability to read and understand source code for security flaws, so source code will be vetted first before compiling. Sorry, but I can't assume that, as I know it to be false. The sheer scope of source code involved in a Unix or Linux system with all packages these days is enormous - human review of every one of ...


You should first try one available from K-team. If that does not work, your distro may have an ARM cross-compiler package available; since the debian wiki makes mention of the PXA270, these presumably work. I notice looking around people using this chip and gcc with -march=armv5te and/or -mabi=iwmmxt; iwmmxt is also available as a -mcpu and -march, but a ...


Since Apple has bundled it's own version of gcc/llvm, you need to enable homebrew/versions repo before you can install different version of GCC. brew tap homebrew/versions brew install gcc48 Replace gcc48 with the version of gcc you want. See also https://github.com/mxcl/homebrew/wiki/Custom-GCC-and-cross-compilers

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