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Of course nobody will leave any source code on embedded system, because this is unnecessary. Embedded systems like yours usually have little space even to store their firmware. You see that it contains glibc. It's seen by presence of shared objects in /lib version-named You need glibc compatible toolchain which contains glibc 2.8 or earlier to ...


I think I have solved the problem! To correct this, make sure that the following variables are set to these paths (or wherever your compilers are): export CC=/usr/bin/gcc export CXX=/usr/bin/g++ export FC=/usr/bin/gfortran export PERL=/usr/bin/perl This worked for me. For anyone who views this after me, I intend to mark this as correct (it says I have to ...


NO You need to have expect script on target machine. Since, expect script expects expect to be available before executing. Consider it as running bash script without installing bash


Typically in gmp's configure file if an os isn't provided it uses none by default, this, at least for ARM, caused the host_os and target_os alias' to be incorrect and led to the undefined references you refer to. The way I fixed this for arm-linux-androideabi was changing both instances of - linux*android*) + linux-android*) in gmp/configure. I'm ...

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