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With zsh or bash4, you can use brace expansion for that: ls -d GLDAS_NOAH025SUBP_3H.A2003{001..006}.{0000,0600,1200,1800}.001.2015210044609.pss.grb >/dev/null Notice the brackets: {001..006} means expand to 001, 002, ... 006 {0000,0600,1200,1800} to every one of the above add 0000, 0600, 1200 and 1800. >/dev/null is to avoid the standard output of ...


A variation on @chaos solution (bash 4.0 or above or zsh 4.3.11 and above): for a in GL.....2003{001..365}.{00..18..6}00.001.2015210044609.pss.grb do [[ -f $a ]] || echo "$a" done or for a in {001..365}.{00..18..6} do [[ -f "GL.....2003${a}00.001.2015210044609.pss.grb" ]] || echo "$a" done to print only the missing day+hour


Build the file names in a loop and then test for non-existence of a file: for day in `seq -f "%03g" 1 30` do for hour in 0000 0600 1200 1800 do filename="GLDAS_NOAH025SUBP_3H.A2003${day}.${hour}.001.2015210044609.pss.grb" if [[ ! -e $filename ]] then echo "File missing: $filename" fi done done Note: I do not guarantee this ...

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