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You should NEVER assign a single guest more resources than the hypervisor host it runs on has. Virtualization can allow you to share resources and utilize idle CPU time better, but there is no magic there, it will not provide you with hardware you do not have.


You'll need /boot on local media, unless you netboot. Other than that, your initramfs just needs to get rootfs mounted—it doesn't matter where it comes from. So with enough tools added to the initramfs, you should be able to have / on DRBD. Of course, some parts of / are not really supposed to be shared with other machines. At minimum, parts of /etc and ...


cman is new cluster project and redhat says: The Red Hat Cluster Suite cluster infrastructure provides the basic functions for a group of computers (called nodes or members) to work together as a cluster. Once a cluster is formed using the cluster infrastructure, you can use other Red Hat Cluster Suite components to suit your clustering needs (for ...


It turns out that, at least in some cases, the default is for Rocks to reinstall itself on the slave nodes at every boot up (1). Presumably the intent is that clusters are always on and a restart probably means some changes were made that would benefit from a reinstall. For a casually-used system, this is not appropriate as it is unlikely all of the ...

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