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This is ultra nice and simple how-to,tried and works fine. https://www.howtoforge.com/high_availability_nfs_drbd_heartbeat Personally i prefer lvs because combine ha with load balance,but i have tried with nfs+gfs2+drbd and works really bad. Maybe i need some how to,but i can't find none about lvs+nfs ha


There's also MPICH and Boost MPT but that's probably not what you're meaning. You're probably wanting to know if it's possible to run any arbitrary program across an HPC cluster. The answer is no and just because of how execution of an executable program actually works. These systems are intended to solve the problem of how you divide the workload between ...


I spoke to our sysadmin and adding the public keys corresponding to the Virtual IPs of the guest Servers in the authorized_keys files of all the servers did the trick. This enables the application to talk to the guest server irrespective of where they are physically running.


I don't know about the ILM systems, but what you're asking for seems to known as a Single System Image cluster. There have been multiple research Operating Systems, over the years, which attempted to implement this, with varying degrees of success. Plan 9 is probably the best known candidate there, but it's not Ubuntu. The Wikipedia link has more details, ...

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