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You can try to disable SELinux: set SELINUX=disable setenforce 0


Ok. It was a network related issue. RHEL Cluster is using Multicast, and Cisco switches we got we're using IGMPv1. It appears that when no QUERIER is defined, Catalyst switches let multicast discussion open for 180 sec before timed out. As we can't put a Multicast Router, we decided to use the transport=udpu in the /etc/cluster/cluster.conf on the ...


I'm guessing your kernel doesn't see them as prioritary :) If you have a look at your image, you can see that your Python processes have a priority of 20. That's the default value. This means that if we take aside other scheduling factors (already-allocated CPU time, process state, ...), your Python scripts are considered just as important as top, rcu_shed, ...

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