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I was messing around and accidentally enabled the Synchronize contents of the clipboard and the selection option in KDE Plasma's Clipboard application. Un-checking this solved a similar problem for me.


How much is selected on double click can be configured via adding additional character classes to the default set. That means that adding a colon and other special characters that may show up in URLs leads to double click also selecting complete URLs. This can be configured via the gnome config database. For that one has to get the id of the gnome shell ...


These work for me: copy-to-xclip() { zle kill-buffer print -rn -- $CUTBUFFER | cb }; zle -N copy-to-xclip bindkey -M viins "^]" copy-to-xclip paste-xclip() { killring=("$CUTBUFFER" "${(@)killring[1,-2]}") CUTBUFFER=$(xclip -selection clipboard -o) zle yank }; zle -N paste-xclip bindkey -M vicmd "p" paste-xclip

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