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If you do: stty eol = And then run the demo suggested in your EDIT, you will see foo bar in the printout of test.out. The terminal's line discipline will flush its output to its reader as it reads each special eol char in your input. A Linux canonical-mode terminal - as can be configured with stty icanon or probably just stty sane - handles the ...


Copy/paste between Wayland windows and XWayland windows does not work yet (it has not been implemented). I can't manage to find any official source on this, but here are a couple of links to posts saying exactly this: http://www.phoronix.com/forums/forum/software/desktop-linux/49641-gtk-3-18-plans-for-full-wayland-support-a-scenegraph?p=631866#post631866 ...


Copy to your clipboard with: xclip -sel clip < ~/path/to/file.txt


This answer is not the most-specific for the user's question Please see my 2nd answer. I am leaving this here because it addresses the more general issue. Per the comments to your original post, you need (1) a terminal emulator which supports bracketed paste and (2) corresponding support for whatever is running in the terminal, ie, vim, bash, zsh. Terminal ...


I found solution for me: Right click on virtual machine -> setting -> networking and change Attached to: Bridged Adapter After change the setting do command shutdown -h now in your virtual machine. hint: (ip addr help to find ip address). At now your can ssh to virtual machine (from your terminal host machine). Thanks for help.

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