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Mint-Y theme folders: ~/.themes/Mint-Y ~/.themes/Mint-Y-Dark ~/.themes/Mint-Y-Darker It should be in ~/.themes/Mint-Y-Dark/cinnamon/cinnamon.css Please download today's version of the theme: Instructions from GitHub on editing: Do not makes modifications to the theme directly in the usr/...


Find the settings for Screensaver. You can turn it off there.


I had the same problem in Linux Mint 18 Sara, I hooked up my New build computer initially to my 1080i HD TV and didn't have problems until installing steam. suddenly my desktop no longer fit in my TV screen. My desktop was bigger than my TV and my mouse would adjust the screen left to right and top to bottom as i moved it. I spent an entire evening trying ...


Although I think it can be changed by editing conf file, using the dropdown top-right of the lightdm login screen is easier. gnome or gnome-session is not appeared in the dropdown?


This has been an ongoing issue with Cinnamon and to my knowledge this functionality still isn't available out of the box. This thread mentions a program called gDevilspie that supposedly allows you to configure the default window positions. I don't have any experience with it, though.

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