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Ok, I think that what you want is a script for downloading a specified gist without the need to use your web browser. Something like this: #!/bin/sh # gist-dl.sh: download a Github gist from a specified link to either a # standard output (when no second argument passed) or to a # specified file (with second argument passed). The ...


The command line tool top will show you a list of processes and their cumulative cpu consumption. You can change the sort column with < and >. read man top for more options. Some things that run intermittently from cron (like apt-get update) won't show in top while they are not running.


Finally I want to answer my question myself. This bug affects: Linux Mint openSUSE 13.2 Mandriva Gentoo Slackware 14.1 ArchLinux Debian Elementary OS Fedora 21 XFCE Fedora 21 MATE Xubuntu 14.10 This bug doesn't affect: Ubuntu 14.10 Fedora 21 Workstation Further updates and corrections are welcome!


This worked for me in Mint 17.1 Create a desktop launcher & name it appropriately. Edit the launcher using a text editor as follows: [Desktop Entry] Comment=CPUFreq Indicator Icon Terminal=false Name=Indicator-CpuFreq Exec=indicator-cpufreq Hidden=false NoDisplay=false Type=Application Icon=gnome-panel-launcher X-GNOME-Autostart-enabled=true Copy the ...

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