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This has been an ongoing issue with Cinnamon and to my knowledge this functionality still isn't available out of the box. This thread mentions a program called gDevilspie that supposedly allows you to configure the default window positions. I don't have any experience with it, though.


Cinnamon cannot disable or remove window decorations, according to this post on Ask Ubuntu and this issue on GitHub. The option to remove window decoration is yet to be implemented. There are few workarounds for users to explore and try. I have compiled known workarounds by easiest, tedious and untested workarounds as below. Easiest workaround Reduce the ...


You can use a cron job as a workaround. Instructions with an example directory structure. Modify as needed. Assuming the nested directory structure is at /home/USERNAME/Pictures/Shotwell-Import Write a shell script Create a script file at /home/USERNAME/Pictures/ #!/bin/bash # Change to directory containing this script. # See http://...


For configuring network from a terminal, if you remember (or can use another router to find out) what the network config of your router is (IP range, default GW, DNS servers), you don't even have to configure DHCP, just: ifconfig eth0 someipinrange netmask thenetmask route add default gw gateway ping cp -a /etc/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf.backup ...

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