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This is how I do with schroot command on Ubuntu version 10.04 upward: # list all sessions: schroot --list --all-sessions # if the above command does not work, just type `mount`. The bind mount # points with something like this in the mount path is the session name you want to get: precise-a4aac8e0-663c-4fec-8fb2-16e4b06557e3 (<chroot_name>-<id>) ...


Patrick's suggestion of docker is good. Any other virtualisation method would work well too (e.g. VirtualBox or kvm). Another option is to create another user (e.g. minecraft) on your system just for running minecraft server. Give it it's own group (e.g. minecraft) and make sure all minecraft files have RW access for group, then add your own user to the ...


Yes, it worked out of the box. I hosted a hotspot with my phone, connected my laptop to that WiFi, and the VNC client on OS X could connect just like that.

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