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Chromium seems special. nohup chromium-browser & disown should work in this case. See also: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11421810/nohup-doesnt-work-with-chromium


There doesn't seem to much motivation to implement some EWMH support in Firefox nor in Chrome, even though this would get the restoration to workspace issue resolved with a large number of desktops. A bug has been open for Firefox since 2007 and one for Chrome since 2009. What you can do outside of Firefox and Chrome, if the active TABs in different browser ...


To enable browsing of HTTPS sites you have to add the proxy also to the HTTPS proxy settings. Also you have to import the root CA of your companys proxy to chrome else chrome will not accept any connections as it does not know the root CA. Also be aware that you will not be able to display some sites as chrome is using Certificate pinning for some sites ...


Basically, udev was brought into the whole systemd revolution, and became part of a larger, more complex system. Various changes incremented the interface, and required a jump from .so.0 to .so.1. Rather than supporting both the old interface and the new interface by providing both .so.0 and .so.1, the developers opted to say "fuck it, we'll make them all ...

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