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I guess its pretty clear from the Man pages. And by the way what is your question? What part of the man page is not clear to you? With the execute bit set you have the permission to cd into the directory Also for long listing ls -l i.e. to view the meta data of the files inside the directory (Provided that read permission is there for the directory.


In Puppy Linux, by default you can execute scripts on NTFS or FAT partitions: http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=95174


This might be straightforward -bash-3.2$ stat --format=%a sample_file 755


This may be splitting hairs, but: to execute a file, you must have execute permission to the file and all the directories you navigate to get to the file.  So, if Tom has a program (do_interesting_stuff) in his home directory (/home/tom), and the directory is protected 700 (no access for anyone but owner) but the file is protected 755 (read and execute ...


First the terminology. chmod is a program (and a system call) which alows changing permission bits of a file in a filesystem. sudo is a special program that allows running other programs with different credentials (typically with elevated privileges, most usually those of the root user). su is similar but less (read "not") configurable than sudo - most ...

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