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You need to use --notest: convmv --notest -f cp850 -t utf-8 ./* From convmv manual: --notest Needed to actually rename the files. By default convmv will just print what it wants to do.


The error was fixed by setting in /etc/profile.d/lang.sh: export LANG=en_US.UTF-8 Instead of export LANG=en_US


You could see what bytes make up the ც character: $ od -tx1z Now type ც and press Ctrl-D (to end your input): 0000000 e1 83 aa >...< 0000003 (That's the output I get, in a UTF-8 locale). If bash is interpreting that as ASCII with a Meta bit, it may interpret this as ESC a ESC ^C ESC *. Whatever you get ...

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