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I have also noticed this with CentOS 7.1 (upgraded from 7.0) running on Hyper-V (Windows 8.1). You can get the cursor back even at the logon prompt by pressing the Windows Key and right arrow. Does this open up another console? You can go back to the original console by pressing the Windows Key and left arrow. I would like to solve this problem to but I ...


You can use Audacity for that. In Audacity, you can select what you wish to use as input. So your input would be visible here and you can select that. Moreover, I think it would be detected as Microphone only, nothing different. In that case, any other software might also do.


You still need to format the logical volume with some kind of filesystem. LVM just gets you to the point where you have one resizable volume instead of two fixed size volumes. Example: # mkfs.ext4 /dev/vol_grp1/logical_vol1 After that, try your mount command again.

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