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"cat /dev/zero > /tmp/cache.cleaner ; rm -f /tmp/cache.cleaner This even doesn't need root access! (Assuming your /tmp is mounted as tmpfs with max size)" Just great it does the job even with no root access. In my case tmpfs is mounted on /dev/shm but the idea keep working (of course ;-) )


Try looking at the DontCache, DontCacheRequested, and DontCacheResolved directives. For example, something like: DontCache (^|.*?/).+?-dbg_[0-9] The documentation says that this prevents files from being downloaded and cached, but it doesn't clarify the interactions between DontCache and PreCacheFor.


This is because your test is flawed. Running find . merely calls getdents() on the directory tree. A directory in this case is just a file that contains directory entries and is thus stored in page cache. Note you do nothing to actually access the files you are attempting to cache in this manner. Your test is basically caching all the directories in the ...

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