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As Sankalp mentioned, pdflush thread is not involved with writes on a file with O_SYNC flag set. It happens in thread context. To get the exact code path taken by kernel you could use ftrace to trace write syscall. I am able to test the same and documented here on my blog


It is not necessary for flushing to happen in the context of pdflush thread. In the case of O_SYNC and the fsync call, the flushing happens in the context of the thread invoking the write/sync system call. The code path in the o_sync case goes roughly as: __vfs_write -> (f_op->write_iter)/generic_file_write_iter -> generic_write_sync -> (f_op->fsync) -> ...


You may find out the actual usage of the directory "/var/cache/yum" with du -sh /var/cache/yum IMHO there are two options for you: use a different partition, and mount it over /var/cache/yum. To do so, add a new parition to the system (eg. adding another distk) and mount it via mount -t /var/cache/yum Keep in mind, that if you mount a partition ...

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