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By default, snd_rawmidi_open waits until the requested port is available. If you do not want this, add the SND_RAWMIDI_NONBLOCK flag (and reset it afterwards with snd_rawmidi_nonblock() if you want the read/write calls to be blocking).


You've combined together several different (but related) questions. A few of them aren't really on-topic here (e.g., coding standards), so I'm going to ignore those. I'm going to start with if the kernel is "technically incorrect C code". I'm starting here because the answer explains the special position a kernel occupies, which is critical to understanding ...


From the Gentoo GCC Optimization Wiki Section 2.3: The -O Flag -O Next up is the -O variable. This controls the overall level of optimization. This makes the code compilation take somewhat more time, and can take up much more memory, especially as you increase the level of optimization. There are seven -O settings: -O0, -O1, -O2, -O3, -Os, -Og, ...

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