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I already wrote a tutorial on creating a 32-bit chroot, so I'm not going to repeat it here, and I'm going to assume that you've read it. In this answer I'll just address the specific points in your question. They always include a command that downloads system from some URL they have chosen, like below. I want to use similar system I already have, and as ...


Build one in a VM, first, then copy it to a subdirectory to be your chroot one. And, yes, I have done this and used it to do 32-bit clean builds.


I'm focussing on Linux, but my answer probably fits for other POSIX systems. You'll execute your shell script from a C or C++ program with some of: the usual mixture of fork(2), execve(2), waitpid(2), and then waitpid gives you the exit code using WEXITSTATUS when  WIFEXITED the system(3) C standard library function. It returns what the internal waipid ...


read and write don't take a reference; they take a pointer. Prefix-& is the address-of operator, which returns a pointer. It's postfix-& which indicates a reference. Passing data to another program in this manner can work, but only under the following circumstances: The class does not use pointers, but stores everything inside the class itself The ...

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