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The -m option takes a directory name, not a filename. bmake -m /usr/local/share/mk Otherwise, your version of bmake doesn't match the version of the mk files in /usr/local/share/mk.


Market forces. There are many more programs targeted specifically at Linux than at *BSD. A lot of software source code is portable enough that it can be compiled on both, but many software producers that ship Linux binaries do not bother to do so for the BSDs since they have smaller market shares than Linux, across the board.ยน If a piece of software is ...


No, there is not such a script. You basically have 2 choices: Just use the subset of options POSIX specifies. Note that it can even be challenging to get the POSIX conforming shell binary in a portable way. For example, /bin/sh doesn't have to be conforming. The portable way to get a POSIX conforming shell is: PATH=$(getconf PATH) command -v sh Just ...

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